Six years ago today, Art Boy and I made some promises to each other:

Carl, today I choose you to be my husband,
To be united with you in spirit and purpose.
I promise to love and comfort you, hold you close,
Prize you above all others and be faithful to you all of our days.
I promise to put you first and to work to keep our hearts connected.
I will rely on the Holy Spirit to give me the unconditional love that I need,
Even when it’s hard.
I promise to stand beside you in the plan God has for us and to support you in becoming the person you were created to be.
I promise I will never leave you or forget that God has called us together.
From this day forward, I’m on your team.

‘Simplicity’ is definitely not a word that comes to mind when I think of marriage. The muddling of brokenness that comes with bringing two hearts together is not an easy thing.

Dean – the beautiful Dharawal man who welcomed us to Country at our wedding – brought along a stone axe as an illustration of what marriage means in his tradition.  He demonstrated how the two parts that make up the axe – the wooden handle and the stone blade – are less powerful and effective apart as they are when they come together.

While this may not be true of all people (certainly there are people who are their most effective when they’re single), I definitely think it’s true for Carl and I. Though there have been some very hard times that came with the making of this axe, the thing that has consistently been simple for Carl and I is the unity that we have in our sense of purpose. We know what this axe is made for.

There have been very few times in the past six years when I have felt we are on different pages of the life map – and this is something I am very grateful for. Without this common sense of where we’re headed and what matters, we probably would never have set out on this Year of Simplicity.

There is much more I could say, but I’ll probs just say them to him. In the face. For now – for the record – I’m glad I mazzed my Wild One.

Do you have a metaphor or illustration for marriage that’s been a help to you? Tell me in the comments. x

A bride and groom in an outdoor wedding ceremony        A bride lies her head on her groom's shoulder as they lie on a turkish rug atop a bed of leaves.


Photos by Tess Guinery.