This one was from a few years ago. I was between freelance contracts, had some extra time on my hands and was toying with the idea of starting a blog. I purchased a domain name, set up a wordpress account and wrote the welcome message, but nothing ever came of it.

Honestly, I was scared… Scared that I didn’t have something worth saying, scared that I would be misunderstood, scared that I wouldn’t do it well, scared that I would be perceived as an unauthentic hipster.

I’ve worked through some stuff since then and, with the help of The Artist’s Way (mentioned in my post below) and the simple wonder of writing my Morning Pages (aiming for a daily practice of three pages of uninterrupted stream of consciousness), I’ve overcome some of those fears. I figure, if I’ve got the guts to quit my job, sell my place and move my life into a van, I’ve got the guts to write about it.


Fish and forage

2015 – So here I am at long last, writing a blog about the life I’ve imagined and have started creating. About bloody time.

A few months ago, along with some fellow pilgrims who have become my very dear friends, I embarked on an incredible journey called The Artist’s Way. It started with a desire to get back in touch with my own authentic, creative ‘voice’ after losing touch with it – or perhaps letting it go – along the way.

I think that a lot of this sense of being lost came from my professional work as a copywriter – training myself to morph into the voice of the organisation or client I’m working for. Whilst it’s a skill I am very proud of – and one that does require creativity – it has also led in part to me losing parts of my creative identity.

Add to this the fact that I’m married to an incredibly talented man with a huge creative dream of his own – one that I believe in whole heartedly and work hard to support – and suddenly I sit back and notice that I’ve allowed little more of my own creative courage to become neglected and overshadowed.

This blog is a bid to awaken that part of myself again. To nourish and refresh my creative spirit. To find my voice again and to document the creative life we’re building.

The Artist’s Way has made me stop and take stock of where I’m heading and what really matters in life. It’s made me remember what I value and realise that my measure of success is marked by whether I’m pursuing or enriching those areas of my life (or conversely, neglecting them). For me, the things that really matter and where I want to spend my time and energy come down to this list:

  1. Family and community – and finding time to nourish relationships
  2. Creativity and alignment with creation
  3. Simple, wholesome food – and a greater connection to the source
  4. Spirituality, mystery and the Great Creator.

This list cannot be prioritised as a hierarchy of importance and each item is inextricably linked to the others. When I am focused on expanding these areas of my life, I find that my world becomes more expansive and beautiful.

So welcome to my blog. The place where I will document the life I’m creating with my husband, Carl. My love of good, wholesome, delicious food, this beautiful world, and our fishing and foraging adventures.